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John Textor - Welcome to the Official Site of Pulse Evolution, Chairman | Former CEO of Digital Domain & Sims Snowboards

John Textor is the Executive Chairman of the Board for Pulse Evolution Corp. and the former CEO of Digital Domain and Sims Snowboards.

John Textor Leadership

John Textor has been internationally recognized for his executive leadership ability and business skills. He is currently active in the development of entertainment properties across a broad spectrum of venues and technology platforms.

John Textor & Pulse Evolution - Current Role as Chairman

In May 2014 John Textor and his team at Pulse Evolution Corp. were responsible for the internationally seen posthumous performance of Michael Jackson's "Slave to The Rhythm". This performance is commonly referred to as the Michael Jackson Hologram. Although as John Textor and Pulse CEO Frank Patterson told the USA Today it is in fact not a hologram. It is a variation of an illusion that has been around for over 100 years. You can read more about this on the John Textor Blog. - You can also learn more about John Textor and Pulse at the corporate website for the company. (John Textor Page on Pulse)

John Textor & Art Story - Feature Film In Production

John Textor is currently also working with former Disney director Aaron Blaise on a new animated feature film called Art Story.
The film tells the magical tale of a grandfather and his grandson as they get lost on a crazy adventure traveling through the world of paintings. Find out more about Aaron Blaise & Art Story (Here & Here)

John Textor - History in Florida Skateboard Scene | Skateboards / Sims Snowboards

Before being Chairman of PULSE or CEO or Digital Domain, John Textor was a young man growing in up on Florida's East Coast.
At a young age he became a competitive skater and was a staple in Florida's competitive skateboard scene. He was very accomplished and won numerous events around the state. Later in life John would draw on this background to serve him well as CEO of the internationally know Sims Snowboards. During his tenure, Mr. Textor increased the sales and profits of the company to new heights.

John Textor & Digital Domain - Oscar, Sales Increase & Resignation

After leaving SIMS, John Tetxor and his business partners had an investment firm called Wyndcrest Holdings.
This investment firm had a great deal of success during the early dot-com era with a series of well timed investments in several startups. It has been reported that between 1997 and 2003, Wyndcrest turned about $40 million into almost $700 million as 13 of the company’s 23 investments returned profits to shareholders. John drew on this success and looked towards the future.

Looking to branch out of technology investments and diversify Wyndcrest began to move into entertainment. Along with John Textor, famous director Michael Bay ("Transformers: Age of Extinction", "The Island") and quarterback Dan Marino were involved with a deal to purchase Digital Domain. At the time the reputation of the FX studio had been slipping from the glory days of "Titanic" and the profitability was way down.  John Textor and his team were able to rebuild the reputation of the studio and expand its profits. The ultimately revitalized Digital Domain received the industry's highest honor, the "Best Visual Effects" Oscar for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in 2009.

In 2012 John Textor resigned in protest from his as CEO of Digital Domain after a series of financial issues took the company into bankruptcy and numerous employees lost their jobs.

John Textor has stated publicly that he feels this bankruptcy could have been avoided.

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