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John Textor Discusses Posthumous Performances with the USA Today

John Textor on The Future of Digital Performances

A few days after the record breaking “Slave to the Rhythm” performance by a 3D recreation of late performer Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards,  John Textor sat down with the USA Today to discuss the future of these types of performances.

As Textor is quoted in the full page story:

“We’re hearing from a lot of estates and promoters saying, ‘We’re ready for a concert,’ ” says Pulse Executive Chairman John Textor, whose Florida-based company has its computer-generated image headquarters just north of San Francisco in George Lucas’ old haunts.

John Textor is quick to point out that this type of performance is incredibly complex to pull off and very labor intensive. He is quoted as follows: “if we’re going to bring a Michael or an Elvis back into this form of stage entertainment, it must be story-based. You can’t have Elvis sitting on a stool singing 20 songs. That won’t work.”

Bob Marley, Elvis, Janis Joplin, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix?

Beyond the late, great MJ, there are literally dozens of performers that one can imagine wanting to see. In fact, there is a case to be made that these older celebrities are not as fresh in the mind of today’s audiences as Michael was.

There are entire generations that know the songs of Elvis but never got the chance to see them performed live. Whether it be on a tour or at a permanent venue the idea is extremely intriguing. Plus, with today’s carefully and tightly choreographed (e.g often lip-synced) performances it is not a giant leap to imagine that a projected performance could have the same impact on the crowd.

John Textor and Pulse have been meeting with several estates. “”I stress to them that they need to bring their analog asset into the digital world, and protect those rights,” says Textor.

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